Vattikuti Scholar


Mahendra Bhandari MD, MBA

Director Robotic Surgery Education and Research

Vattikuti Urology Institute and CEO Vattikuti Foundation

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Dear Vattikuti Scholar,

The Vattikuti Foundation is pleased to invite you to its new initiative, the Vattikuti Scholar (VS). This is an interactive forum created to provide a learning environment for medical doctors in the formative years of their careers. As the Foundation CEO, I intend to bring you face-to-face with high achievers in Medicine and experts who will share their real life success stories. These accomplished professionals from diverse fields will serve as role models for you to emulate. The genesis of this forum stems from enquiries we receive from young medical professionals, postgraduates and trainees who are at the threshold of their career paths, just like you may be right now. Participation in the Vattikuti Scholar forum is open to any medical graduate who has a quest for learning irrespective of age and specialty. Initially, our programs would cut across all specialties, eventually leading to specific programs for specialty focus groups depending upon your need and feedback. For example, one of our first webinars covered the question, “What should I do next?”  This is a generic question which haunts most of you. It is not easy to develop clarity on the future direction for your career. I hope to work with you to make a clear road map for your career path as you follow your passion.  (Here is the link to the webinar video:

I have launched the VS forum with a series of Webinars through a very user-friendly and interactive video conferencing tool. Your first opportunity is a series of webinars on the "Development of Soft Skills Necessary for a Medical Career." LIVE Webinars will be advertised in advance to our members and other interested students by e-mails and on the website.  Please look for them.  All of the previous webinars are in the Videos section of the Media Library for you to access anytime.

You have treaded a long distance on your career path to reach the current stage of your professional career, but not long enough to retire and relax. You have worked hard and have invested your time and energy to reach the pinnacle of medical education, which only few are privileged to accomplish. While I compliment you for your remarkable achievements, I admire and recognize the vision, patience and sacrifice of your families who trust and support you. The Vattikuti Scholar program is designed to be your guide, suggesting opportunities for you to pursue. It is here for you; please make the most of it.

I will depend on your feedback to shape the content of this forum to suit your varied requirements. Through the VS program, the Vattikuti Foundation hopes to assist you in answering the question: What is the next step for me to take in my medical career?

I have attained professional satisfaction after decades of study and hard work, but I did not do it alone. I have had numerous mentors and advisors, postgraduates and trainees helping me tread my medical career path. The Vattikuti Scholar program hopes to use the power of the Internet to provide you and your contemporaries with 21st century mentorship opportunities from across the world, something that I never dreamed possible only a few years ago. I invite you to join the Vattikuti Scholar program.


Mahendra Bhandari