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Robotic Surgeons Council of India: Dr. Mahendra Bhandari Opening Remarks

28th Nov 2017

Vattikuti Foundation

It was the ninth meeting of the Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC), an event sponsored by the Vattikuti Foundation.  Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari shares his thoughts- and gratitude- with the audience of over 200 robotic surgeons as he opens the 2017 RSC meetings in Goa.  Here is the transcript of his remarks:

Good Morning everybody, and welcome, done any number of times- is welcome, in Indian culture. 

I’ll begin on a different note.  In 1972, there was one famous meteorologist, some might have heard of: Michael Helly.  He had written a paper, that- if there is a difference in the data, of five- and six- digits of decimals, the meteorological predictions go 360- to 180- degrees!  That is the level of accuracy.  And Medicine cannot be out of that.  So, I think we have to go beyond that number of cases done, and patients were alive at end of surgery.  We have to develop, inculcate in youngsters, the sense of sensitivity on- and I am trying to imprint that India, has a tremendous, covered the distance of robotic surgery tremendously.  In a hurricane speed- in my- in our lifetimes, we have seen from open, transition to transuretal resection, to upper tract endourology.  But, according to me- word over the penetration of robotics is faster than cell phones, if I am right to say.

So, we have done that, but now we have to grow to the different level.  And I am looking forward to your contributions for maintaining medical list follow-up, because that’s what world is dying to see. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank- though Mr. Vattikuti is part of it- but for his vision, and freedom to do what I want to do, the Robotic Surgery (Surgeons) Council or robotic fraternity would not have been where it is- so, I really take this opportunity to publicly thank him for supporting the cause of robotic surgery in India.  I am also thankful to (Dr. J.) Scott Magnuson, Dr. (Brian) Harkins, I hope he has arrived, and (Dr.) Khurshid Ghani.  And, one has to really believe that what is opportunistic cost of their time, and they, at a single clarion call, they are able to accept the invitations of the Foundation, and they come here.  I really appreciate your passion for teaching, and running from morning to evening master classes and here and then going (home).

I would thank Dave Rosa, and he confessed yesterday, in a personal conversation, that they (Intuitive Surgical) had a different priority, so they didn’t look at India.  But now, at least you guys should take a credit that- you have focused Intuitive’s total beam- on Indian market and Indian development.

I thank all of you for cooperating with us.  Let me tell you- we were very rude in asking you for the presentations before submission, but we had to go somewhere.  I apologize for the eight people we could not accommodate their abstracts, but, this is also a happy sign for them, that the level of presentations here is going up.  This time, we have two halls.  A parallel running after this session, and we have- otherwise, always we would have enough time for everybody to be accommodated.  And we encourage it- so now, we are going into the mode of- what you call the natural evolution of what we were doing, to the quality presentations.

And, most of you are in touch with me, please, this meeting has no format.  It’s evolved, because of your feedback, and my team, which has worked very hard in the United States and here.  It takes almost five- to six- months to really plan the scientific program.  The logistic team has done a great job.  So, I think, rather than thanking- I really appreciate- I do nothing except for travelling here and there.  So thank you very much, and I welcome you, and look forward to feedback, to better recourse on what we do.  Thank you very much.


We will be posting more Robotic Surgeons Council of India content over the next several weeks, as it becomes edited.  Notices will be posted on Facebook & Twitter in addition to this website.

Images: video freeze frames from RSC/Vattikuti Foundation recordings.

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