15th Mar 2019 Site

Vattikuti Foundation Supports the Best Scientific Paper published on Robotic Surgery in European Urology 2018


The Vattikuti Foundation is pleased to announce that a team from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, will be sharing a 5,000 Euro prize for their paper named the Best Scientific Paper on Robotic Surgery  in European Urology for 2018.

(Photo courtesy EAU / Dr. Mahendra Bhandari)

11th Mar 2019 Site

The Vattikuti Foundation is re-opening applications for two Vattikuti Fellowship opportunities, due to a low volume of entries.  The new due date is Monday, April 8, 2019.  The two specific opportunities are listed in the announcement as:

1.Vattikuti International Outcomes Research Fellowship in Urology  (For the year 2020.) and:

4. Vattikuti Foundation Research Fellowships - Duration one year.

The full details may be found in the original announcement: by clicking on the title above.

Please note: Previous applications will still be considered (those applicants are welcome to update their application, if desired).  We will be announcing the winners of some of our other Fellowships in the near future.  Please apply ONLY for the two above Vattikuti Fellowships!



17th Jan 2019 Site

Currently as we prepare for the 2019-2020 series of Vattikuti Fellowships, we would invite other interested Indian Academic Medical Institutions and Robotic Surgeons to apply to become part of this successful program. 

16th Jan 2019 Site

Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO of the Vattikuti Foundation has announced the 2019-2020 series of Vattikuti Fellowships.  Six one-year long Fellowships in Robotic Oncologic specialties will be awarded.  In addition, one Vattikuti International Fellowship is offered for research at the Vattikuti Urology Institute in Detroit, Michigan, and there will be two comprehensive two-weed long Fellowships to the ATLAS Program at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York.

Two new Vattikuti Research Fellowship grants will be given for scientific research in India.

Please note: Deadlines have been extended for the #1 and #4 Fellowships to April 8, 2019!  (All others are closed.)


02nd Jan 2019 Media

A recent study produced by our friends at the Vattikuti Institute of Robotic Surgery, King’s College London, has been honored as the BJUI Article of the week (for 12-19-2018).  Cognitive training for technical and non‐technical skills in robotic surgery: a randomised controlled trial discusses the results of a study comparing novice surgeons which were placed into groups to receive motor imagery (MI) for technical skill and non‐technical skill (NTS) training in minimally invasive surgery.

Please use the link above to access the Abstract, with links to the complete BJUI article and to the video produced by Mr. Nicholas Raison, lead author of the study ("Mr." is the equivalent of "Dr." in the UK). 

29th Oct 2018 Site

Thanks to the efforts of CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari & Shannon Micallef, we have the first draft of the program for the December 1 & 2 Robotic Surgeons Council of India.

-Please click the "Read more" button below to see the schedule:

09th Oct 2018 Site

We would like to share some news about Dr. Mani Menon, Founding Director of the Vattikuti Urlogy Institute.  He is hard at work developing a new robotic procedure he is calling the MPP.  He uses an orange to describe what takes place- and the very encouraging early results.  Please click on the title above to access the complete report.

19th Sep 2018 Site

URO Today ( provides a report from the ERUS 2018: ERUS Education Working Group on Education and Training, regarding minimum criteria for becoming certified as an ERUS Training Center.  The overview was presented by Dr. Van der Poel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

11th Sep 2018 Site

The saga of the salvage of 33 Chilean miners in 2010 after 69 days of sustenance underground in the San Jose Mine, located in Atacama Desert of Chile is replete of lessons for all of us to learn.

Please click the title to access the full commentary from Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO, Vattikuti Foundation.

21st Aug 2018 Site

We have been asked to post news of a job opening at a Fortis facility in Karnataka:

I am looking for a Uro-oncologist to be a part of my team at Fortis, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. If you could circulate the requirement among the Vattikuti Urology Fellows it would be of great help.  Interested candidates may contact me on my email:


Dr. Sandeep Nayak

MBBS | MRCS (Edin) | DNB (Gen Surg) | DNB (Surgical Oncology)

MNAMS | Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Onco-Surgery