01st Jul 2020 Site

We have two news items for our Robotic Surgeons Council of India partners & friends:

Bi-weekly Webinars To Begin on Saturday, August 1, 6:30 PM IST.

VFRSI Website To Add Patient Content

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25th Jun 2020 Site

Medanta, the Medicity, one of the Vattikuti Foundation Network Institutions, has a well designed information section for patients about robotic surgery- whether you go there for surgery- or to a different medical center, the information applies. Here is an exerpt: "The Da Vinci robotic technology is the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today. The Da Vinci robotic technology enables surgeons to perform delicate and complex surgeries through a few tiny incisions, instead of giving the patient a big cut."

25th Jun 2020 Site

Manipal Hospitals has long been a Vattikuti Foundation partner, and is recognized as a leader in robotic surgery.  Here is a link to their patient information:

25th Jun 2020 Site

Apollo Hospitals offer Indians several options for robotic surgery, including for spinal conditions.  This Vattikuti Network partner has good information for patients on their website, listed below.

25th Jun 2020 Site

Fortis Hospitals has some Patient FAQ's worth reading:

25th Jun 2020 Site

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has been a Vattikuti Foundation network institution, and has a information on the benefits on the website:

23rd Jun 2020 Site

As the Vattikuti Foundation shifts to add more Patient-centered information, here is an excellent article from 2019- US News & World Report on what to look for in a robotic surgeon written by S. Adam Ravin, M. D.:

Here is a short quote: " a surgeon who has performed thousands of robotic surgeries, I want to ensure that people have a more complete picture of what they're considering when it comes to robotic surgery."

23rd Jun 2020 Site

ETHealthWorld interviewed Saifee Hospital Chief of the Robotic Surgery Department Dr. Imran Hamzawala on the state of robotic surgery in India:

Quote: " you can get into areas which were initially thought to be quite difficult, easily, with robotic surgery, says Dr. Hamzawala."

04th Jun 2020 Site


Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO of the Vattikuti Foundation announced today that the annual meeting of the Foundation-sponsored Robotic Surgeons Council of India has been cancelled, due to th eglobal COVID-19 coronavirus threat.  All of us at the Vattikuti Foundation feel that this is the only prudent decision at this time.  Future meetings may be determined as the world adjusts to the pandemic.  The KS National Robotic Surgery Awards my be postponed as well, but will be determined at a later date.

As always, we invite your video presentations to share on the website!

28th May 2020 Site

Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari & Madhu Reddiboina are presenting a story board of the road map from surgical video recording and other patient data capture to building deep learning models for objects and surgical scene recognition ending with the development of intelligent robotic tools.  This will be on June 8th. 

The webinar title is: Augmented Intelligence Driven Collated Surgical Excellence  To Register:

Please click on the title above to read the complete course description and access the registration link.