Hans J.


Hans J. Stricker

Hans J. Stricker, M.D., is Vice Chair of the Vattikuti Urology Institute and Chair of Surgery for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Dr. Stricker has a special interest in robotic prostatectomy and has lectured and published extensively on the topic. He served as program chair of the International Robotic Urology Symposium (IRUS) in 2006, and has served on the IRUS faculty since 2002.

He also is active in Henry Ford Radiation Oncology’s gene therapy research for prostate cancer.

While studying for his bachelor’s of arts degree in Chemistry at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, he was recognized as the American Chemical Society’s “Young Chemist of the Year.” He graduated summa cum laude from Capital, and then earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. He also completed his training in General Surgery and Urology at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Stricker is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a member of the American Urology Association and its North Central Section; the Michigan Urologic Society; the Southwest Oncology Group; the American Medical Association; and the Reed M. Nesbit Urologic Society of the University of Michigan Department of Urology.



Bladder Cancer
Cancer Surgery
Genitourinary Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Robotic Surgery
Surgery - Robotic
Urinary Tract
Vattikuti Urology Institute


Board Certifications:
American Board of Urology

Medical School Education:
University of Michigan Medical School - Graduation Date: 06/01/1988

Post Graduate Education:
University of Michigan Hospitals (MI) - General Surgery
University of Michigan Hospitals (MI) - Urology

  1. Young Alumni Award, Capital University, 2000
  2. Pfizer Academic Excellence in Urology, 1998
  3. Joseph C. Cerny Resident Teaching Award, 1998
  4. Michigan Urologic Society, Residents Day Competition- Second Place, 1993: Current Prostate Cancer Detection: How Low Can We Go?
  5. Michigan Urologic Society, Residents Day Competition- Second Place, 1991: Predicting Prostate Cancer Volumes: Mathematical and Laboratory Models and Their Clinical Implications



    • University of Michigan Medical School Honors:
    • Urology, 1987
    • Radiology, 1987
    • Pharmacology 625, 1986
    • Capital University Honors:
    • Summa Cum Laude, 1984
    • Erik John Earl Memorial Award, 1984
    • ACS Senior Chemist of the Year, 1984
    • Kappa Alpha Pi Academic Honors Society, 1983-84
    • Scholarship for Academic Honors, 1980-84


  1. American College of Surgeons 1996-present
  2. North Central Section of AUA 1995-present
  3. Michigan Urologic Society 1995-present
  4. Southwest Oncology Group 1995-present
  5. Nesbit Society 1993-present
  6. American Urologic Association 1990-present
  7. American Medical Association 1984-present


  1. Fellow, American College of Surgeons October 1996
  2. Diplomate, American Board of Urology, Certificate No. 11110 February 1995 Recertified Nov. 2003
  3. Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners May 1988
  4. State Licensure, Michigan No. 053400 1988-present
  5. Robotic Prostatectomy Certification January 2004
  6. KTP Greenlight PVP Laser Prostatectomy Certification July 2003
  7. Targis Microwave Thermotherapy Certification January 2000
  8. Holmium: Yag Laser Certification December 1997
  9. Ultrasonically Guided I125/ Pdl03 Prostate Seed May 1996
  10. Implant Certification Radical Perineal Prostatectomy Preceptorship February 1996
  11. Nd: Yag Laser Certification November 1993
  12. Contigen Implant Certification November 1993
  13. Foundations of Microsurgical Skills Certification October 199
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